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Server Monitoring

Server monitoring provides you with reliable information about the performance of various critical elements of your server. Thresholds can be configured and notifications will be sent immediately via SMS/Email  if any of the resources/usage statistics violate the set thresholds.

  • Monitor critical server metrics such as CPU load, available memory, used memory, available swap space, disk usage, process, services and network utilization.
  • Receive instant alerts via SMS/email whenever resources cross your set threshold limits.
  • Supports monitoring of other network applications like SMTP, HTTP, POP, ping, DNS and FTP.

Server monitoring tool capability via SNMP protocol
Monitor Server CPU Utilization
Monitor Server RAM Utilization
Monitor Server CPU Utilization
Monitor Server Disk Utilization
Monitor Network Interface Traffic

 * Please contact GlobalNSC for getting the Netmon Appliance (Software and Hardware)