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Email/SMS Alerts

SaaS service of GlobalNSC alerts you the instant your website becomes unavailable or if response time crosses pre-defined threshold levels. You can also configure to check for content change or report as 'in trouble' when response time goes above acceptable level. This allows you to be in control of your website performance and ensure a good experience for your end-users.
GlobalNSC's SaaS supports the following types of alerting mechanism whenever your website goes down:
• Email Alerts
• SMS Alerts
Email Alerts:
Alerts via email the instant your website goes 'down' or when it comes back 'up'. A typical email notification includes the name of the website, monitoring interval, downtime details, reason for downtime, response time chart, uptime/downtime chart and the appropriate error message.
SMS Alerts:
Alerts via SMS to worldwide networks. You can also configure to send SMS alerts during specific time period.